What I Used 30 Years Ago To Start My Business... We've Come A Long Way, Baby!

It was fun thinking  about the difference between when I first started my business and what technology provides now... 

Way back in 1988 I purchased my first “personal” computer… Not a laptop but a big, clunky, desktop (Commadore 654)

Dot matrix printer

Box to keep leads written on index cards

Over time and as technology improved, I eventually graduated to:

  • Laptop
  • Autoresponder
  • And purchased more courses, trainings, and ebooks

And since starting my entrepreneur journey in 1988, my focus, careers, and business has evolved. This has been my journey starting with the oldest one first... 

  • Realtor
  • Mortgage lender
  • Speaker
  • Coach for how to make money speaking
  • Business coach
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Passive income enthusiast

No matter what I do, the main business tools remain the same…  Laptop, autoresponder, website for landing pages, etc., and, of course, a smart phone.

I’ve spent gobs of money – yep, GOBS is the term for WAY TOO MUCH money wasted on things I never or rarely used.

Most of the time I have selected eyesight when looking at my bank statement and how much I spend on monthly fees for things like hosting, autoresponder, memberships, etc…

But in June I REALLY looked at it…  And I was disgusted with myself for letting it get out of hand…

See, some of the things I was paying for I no longer used or needed.

Some of the things were important but I found that they’d lowered the price for new customers but never lowered mine because I hadn’t been paying attention and didn’t ask…

So many different things I needed for my business but struggled to keep track of because I was spending my time focusing on delivering coaching to my clients…

But then, a friend of mine shared a solution.

Now, I have to be honest – I had heard of this before but I was “too busy” to really listen… or pay attention.

But this time she framed it a bit differently… She asked, “What if there was a place to have your website and landing pages, hosting, an autoresponder, products I could sell as an affiliate (without having to create them), a place to store and sell my courses, and so much more?

What if I could have all of those things… and more… for a low monthly fee?

And I could share it with others and receive a recurring, affiliate commission if they signed up and started using it?

And… what if I could offer a 30-day trial for only $1?

That got me excited. So I took a serious look at it, compared the price to what I was paying monthly to other services that actually offered LESS…

It offered more. Cost less. Had a great community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Allowed me to easily share it with others so they could save money and get more, too. Plus, it gave me the option to turn it into an income stream

Kind of a no brainer for me. So I jumped in and I’m so glad I did.

I’m taking their Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp and learning how to effectively market ANY affiliate or my own products and services. It's only $50 and I’ve already generated more than $1K in sales by applying what I’ve learned.

It doesn't matter what you sell. These strategies work for any product or service.

This week is Week 3 and there's still time for you to get this training, too! All trainings are recorded in video and MP3 formats and you have LIFETIME ACCESS to them! 

If I had paid attention a couple of years ago when a friend first shared this with me, I would have saved myself a lot of money and time. But that’s in the past…

So, my friend, what about you? If you thought you could get everything you need to run your business, get great trainings on what is currently working, learn how to effectively use attraction marketing to attract the people who are looking for you and what you offer, and a way to share it and turn it into an income stream...

Would you?

When I find something I love, I just have to share it with people. Doesn't matter what it is... recipes, movies, books, etc...

And when it's something that I know can help them in their business, save them money, and even have the potential to pay for itself...  Well, I just can't keep quiet!

If you are happy with everything you are doing and what you are paying, I'm happy for you. And I wish you continued success!

But if you feel there's room for improvement, reach out. Let's chat about your specific business and situation.

Maybe this would make your business and life easier. Maybe it wouldn't. 

But only when you have the facts can you make the best decision for YOU.




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