Too Many People Feel “Good Enough Is Good Enough”

Are you settling for what life is giving you instead of going after the life you dream of?

Maybe you’ve had the same experience I have…

You write out your vision.

You create a vision board and post it where you see it every day.

You plan your activities and time to make it come true.

But it doesn’t happen.

All you get is…..  


Frustration. Discouragement. And self-doubt fills our minds and hearts.

It kills our dreams… or at least puts them in a comatose state.

The next year, we do it again.

We firmly believe (hope) that THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT.

But it isn’t.  Or at least we aren’t getting the results we truly dream of.

Over time our belief fades. Mediocrity seeps into our belief system.

And, somehow, we start to think that our dreams are OK for someone else…

But obviously not for us.

We aren’t smart enough, have enough time, aren’t consistent in our activities, don’t have the right connections, and on and on and on…

So we settle.

And we begin to believe one of the most deadly dream - and wealth - killers of all time:

If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

I hear this a lot from people I talk to about the 2 passive income streams I have that consistently generate between 4%-8% weekly… 

They tell me that they’ve lost money before so they assume everything is going to have the same end result…

They tell me that it must be a Ponzi scheme without even looking at it... 

Or some kind of scam without even looking at it...

And while they are settling for a mediocre life and bank account, I’m making money.

Every single day.

And so are those who have trusted me and joined.

 They are making money. Every single day.

You can settle for the pittance that you are getting paid in your 401K, retirement accounts, SEPP, etc…  But remember, those are at risk, too.

If you wonder how many pensions, retirement accounts, etc., have disappeared due to “mismanagement”, read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Who Stole My Pension?

I don’t want to you take my word for it… 

I want to show you my back office so you can SEE, with your own eyes, that your money could work so much better for you than it is right now

That starting with $300 can turn into tens of thousands over the next few years without you having to put any additional money into it

You don’t have to tell a soul.

Now obviously I’m not a financial guru, planner, or professional. This is not financial advice…

It’s just me, a 67-year old farm wife who recognized opportunity when it tapped on the door.

A mom and gramma who wants to leave more money to her kids and grands than the farm can provide…

A warm-hearted, generous entrepreneur who wants to share profits with the causes and charities dear to me…

And a driven woman who knows there is a better way than what we’ve been told.

Because, my friends, we’ve been sold a pack of lies. Lies that make us think financial professionals are doing us a favor by paying us so little as they use OUR MONEY to build their own fortunes...

Maybe you are thinking, “This sounds like a scam!”

I get it.

But because a good friend shared it with me, and had been involved for sometime before sharing it so she knew it was legit, I joined. And I want to share with you, too.

Why in the world would I share something that DOESN’T work and is a scam?

First of all, I definitely wouldn’t have you see my back office on a zoom call.

Secondly, I would have lost the money I put in.

And thirdly, I wouldn’t make a little bit of commission if you decide to join me.

Make sense?

So if you would like to experience the kinds of returns the banks and investment brokers are making with OUR MONEY (and only paying us pennies for the use of our money)…

If you’d like to check it out, look at my back office, and talk to a few of my friends who trusted me and are very happy they did

Then reach out. Set up a 30-minute call with me. I’ll explain how the 2 work, show my back office, how you make money, the returns you can expect*, and answer your questions so you can make a decision based on REAL information, not crap that other people write that either haven’t been a part of it or are promoting something else.

I wouldn’t be sharing it if it didn’t work.

God wouldn’t like that. And trust me, I make enough mistakes accidentally. I don’t need to start making them on purpose!

It’s your life. Your dreams. Your money.

You choose.

Settle for what you are getting…

Or check out something that is much better.

Go HERE to book a call with me. 😊

No pressure. Just real information so you can make the decision that is best for you.



P.S. I started with $900 in April 2021 and it’s now worth more than $7,000 without me adding any add’l money of my own. (I’ll explain how I did that on our call) Obviously past results aren’t a guarantee (disclaimer)


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