The Yellow Mustard Debate

There's a big debate happening right now concerning yellow mustard:

Does yellow mustard make fresh watermelon taste better?

Naturally, this debate is causing a lot of conversation. 

The salt-lovers try to justify their choice. Yellow mustard smearers try to justify their choice. Plain watermelon lovers think that both of these are weird - why ruin a good piece of fruit?

And, of course, those who love to inject their fresh watermelon with rum just sit back and enjoy the show...

It's quite entertaining to see how passionate people are about their watermelon. Seriously, who knew? LOL

There are also debates going on in the entrepreneur space. 

Successful gurus and "arm chair" gurus (those who talk a good plan but haven't ever made much money) are constantly debating the best ways to grow your business online...

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • ClubHouse
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Email

The list goes on and on and on...

So what is an entrepreneur to do when she has limited time to work her business?

She chooses wisely!

Here's the advice I share with my clients:

  1.  Focus first on the platform that you are comfortable and familiar with. (EVERY platform or social channel has gobs of YOUR ideal prospects!)
  2. Create a fun intro message so when you reach out to make friends or connections with new people, they are engaged right away instead of being turned off. 
  3.  Have a REAL conversation that you can move toward the topic you want to discuss. (We're talking dialog, not a monologue where you're the only one talking...)
  4.  Have a call to action. One of the easiest things is to have a freebie they have to opt in for. (It needs to be in alignment with the conversation you've had)
  5.  Once they've opted in, have an automated email campaign that goes deeper into the content in your freebie (lead magnet) and include a call-to-action in each email. (But you don't ask for the sale until around email 5)...

Getting them on your list is the only way you have to "protect" your business against social channel platforms, algorisms, and their mood swings. You don't "own" your friends, followers, connections, etc., the social platform does

So protect yourself. Protect your prospects so they get the best information and help without being a victim of sometimes temperamental bots that make them wonder where in the world you disappeared to...

If you need help figuring out how to create your compelling intro that invites engagement, a lead magnet, and/or associated email campaign, please go HERE to schedule a FREE strategy session with me.

During this 30-minutes I'll ask a bunch of questions about your business. Then I'll share 3-4 tips to help you move forward immediate whether you decide to work with me or not... 

No pressure. No obligation. No pitch-slapping.

The only "sales" question comes at Minute 29 when I ask "Would you like my help with any of this?"

Instead of struggling and trying to figure it out on your own, save yourself time, energy, frustration, and money

Talk to me. Free. BOOK HERE!




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