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Just a bit about me…  I’m a cow-milking, tractor-driving, biz coach, semi-retired int’l speaker, author (5 books), AND I’m super passionate about creating an annual 6-figure residual and passive income.

We are organic, grass-only dairy farmers in SE Minnesota. At some point (I’m 66 and my hubby is 71) we’ll need to give up milking every morning. But our need for money won’t decrease. In fact, it will probably INCREASE because we’ll have time to travel and do fun things together in our retirement!

We have 6 grown kids. Six grands. One fat house cat. And about 350 head (various ages) of organically-certified dairy cattle.

I’m excited to get to know you and learn how I can help YOU achieve the dreams and goals you have.

Got questions about passive income? Residual income? How to actually make money in 30 minutes a day without being all salesy, pushy, or spammy? Reach out and let’s chat. Sometimes a short REAL conversation can bring clarity…  I love it when I can pay it forward…

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Sassy Sue


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