I gotta admit, I fall for a lot of online advertising. Especially when it comes to beauty and weight-loss…

A few months ago I saw one product that was supposed to smooth those fine lines, tighten skin on the face and neck, and give us sassy women a “younger, more vibrant” look.

Did it work?


Apparently experiencing this once wasn’t enough. Another ad came up, same claims but a different product. I purchased it.  (Of course!) LOL

Did it work?


The images and descriptions in the ads were similar – apply just a little of the firming serum to a clean, dry face and watch the fine lines disappear and skin tighten right before your eyes.

But what it didn’t say was that it doesn’t work if you apply a moisturizer to your face first, you apply makeup or sunscreen after using their product!!!!!

When I applied a light foundation after the product had been applied and dried, the firming serum rolled up into little balls and my face had more fabric pills than a cheap synthetic tank top that’s been washed 10 times!

Lumpy was NOT the look I was going for! LOL

But to be honest, I already have a product that works really well. (Obviously that doesn't keep me from buying other stuff! hahaha)

High absorption. Helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Plus, it stopped my hair loss and got it to grow back. (I don’t know about you but having sunlight reflect off my scalp IS NOT the signature look I’m going for!) 😊

And it relieves the aches in my joints that happen due to getting older and helping on the farm... 

So I’ll stay with my tried and true liquid collagen product  One ounce a day really does bring a smile to my face...  

Wanna check it out? I love it… and I think you will, too!  


Sassy Sue


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