I remember thinking that once a person retired, all they did was sit in a chair and wait for family or friends to visit or to watch TV.

That’s what I saw my gramma’s do so that was my only point of reference. 

One gramma (farmer) worked so hard all of her life that I think she was just plain worn out.

My other gramma has some mental illness that started after she received the news that her husband had been killed in WWII.

But my parents showed me a different form of “retirement”.  It meant moving on to new goals, activities, hobbies, or careers.  

My dad was an avid hunter. When he retired from being an over-the-road truck driver and rented out his farm, he spent more time on hunting expeditions. One of his dreams was to go bear hunting. That goal was realized before he passed due to injuries sustained from his pickup being hit by a semi. 

My mom was always physically active – couldn’t sit still if her life depended on it! At about age 50, she went to floral school, bought a floral shop, and was a florist for about 15 years. During that time she also started accumulating small 2-bedroom homes that were on the market. The real estate market had dropped dramatically where she lived. She picked up these little ranch homes to rent out. I remember one home she purchased was only $5,000! She did most of her own repairs, fixed them up after tenants moved out and had trashed the place, etc. If I remember correctly, at one time she had 17 of these little “cupcake” houses. 

When she turned 70, she made the declaration at her family birthday party that she was not going to be pulling the shingles off the homes and reroofing them herself anymore. 


As we get older, we have dreams, goals, and things we want to do. Sure, decluttering the house would be a good thing but, in my opinion, not necessarily a FUN thing! 

And I’m all about having FUN!

What’s one thing you’ve put on hold – something that you’d love to do but you always had other people to worry about, other obligations?

Please share because I’d really love to know!


Sassy Sue


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