How To Make Money Marketing Affiliate Products

You have landed here because you asked for more information from my FB post.

Trying to send enough info to share why I'm hoping you'll take advantage of this 8-week boot camp for only $50 is waaaay too hard to explain in Messenger. πŸ™‚

The 'LIVE 'Make Money NOW' Bonus will be Monday, Sept. 20th @9PM ET

The 8-Week LIVE coaching sessions will start on September 30th.

Let me break it down:

  1. The boot camp is sponsored by MLSP. They have fantastic trainings. YOU DO NOT need to be a paying MLSP member to access the training. You'll have lifetime access as long as you create an account with your email and user name.
  2. If you were a member of MLSP previously, please create a new account so I get the credit. πŸ™‚
  3. The training will focus on how to market MLSP as an affiliate.  BUT WE ARE THERE TO LEARN THE STRATEGIES, PROCESS, AND CREATE A BLUEPRINT TO SELL ANY AFFILIATE PRODUCT WE DESIRE... So, please, don't get hung up on the product they are using as they teach us proven strategies.
  4. This is an 8-week virtual course. All trainings will be recorded and stored under My Trainings in your MLSP account.
  5. I created a FB group for all those who decide to join me in this workshop. This is where you can ask questions, share what you've created (homework), and discuss where to find affiliate offers that are congruent with you, your interests, and your business.
  6. My goal is that by Week 7, you will be marketing an affiliate product that I helped you write, and that you are getting engagement and interest. And maybe even sales!
  7. My the end of the 8-week workshop, hopefully you have made enough in sales to cover the cost of the workshop ($50). And in the days following the end of the workshop, I'll be sharing some tips and ideas on where you can find a consistent and predictable flow of affiliate products to market.

So, with ALL THAT SAID, here's the link to check out what's included in MLSP's 8-week Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp.

Oh, and don't let the top video that talks about creating eye-popping reels confuse you like it did me... it's just a bonus. Keep scrolling down and you'll get to the deets and info on the bootcamp.

Once you've registered, send me a PM or email ( and I'll send you the link to join the FB group.


Sue Henry


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