How-To Guide For Highly Converting Strategy Sessions

I'd heard that strategy (or discovery) sessions were very effective in:

  • Determining if a prospect was a good fit for my program, course, or coaching
  • Increasing the number of prospects who signed up compared to emails, etc.

I found a template for one online that sounded really good.

I tweaked it a bit to make it my own and started using it.

It helped a little but not to the extent that I needed or wanted it to... So I stopped asking people to book one.

A couple years later I was on a webinar of Frank Kern's... he's a legendary marketer and copywriter. The topic was on creating a strategy session that converted at a really high rate WITHOUT being salesy or pushy.

Most of what he taught fit right in with what I wanted to do.

Some of it wasn't a fit at all.

But from that webinar, I developed my own process that started generating a 70% conversion ratio of cold prospects into paying clients.



And without being salesy or pushy.

In fact, there's only 1 sales question I ask: It's at Minute 29 of the 30-minute call. 

I simply ask, "Would you like my help with any of this?"

That's it. 

  • Maybe you don't have a lot of confidence in what offering strategy or discovery calls because they feels like more of a time-trap than a profit-center...
  • Or maybe you haven't thought about offering a free 30-minute strategy session because the ones you've been with other coaches have been painful... (Basically a 30-minute PITCH-FEST.)

A 30-minute strategy session creates a way for both YOU AND THE PROSPECT to see if you are a good fit for each other. It gives you a chance to build rapport, show off a bit of your expertise with real solutions you share, and you learn enough about the prospect's business, goals, etc., to decide if you want to work with this person.

It helps the prospect learn about you, too. Does what you are sharing resonate and make sense to the prospect? Does the prospect feel comfortable with your style? And does the prospect feel confident that you will be able to deliver what he/she needs to have the desired results and success?

This week I'm offering you my FREE "How-To Guide For Highly Converting Strategy Sessions"


It changed my business... if you grab it and start using it, I know it can significantly impact yours, too.

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