How To Get People To Buy Your Stuff Or Opportunity... 

One of the hardest things for us entrepreneurs is to actually ask for the sale...

We are in love with our products and we expect others to be, too.

So when we talk about our products, use testimonials, and share how what we offer makes a difference, we assume that others will buy because the products sell themselves.  


But that rarely happens. And if you depend on that method, you are going to starve.

And a lot of people are going to miss out on all the benefits... 

The bottom line is this: 

If you want a successful and lucrative business, you need to master prospecting and closing!

We get caught up in head games...

For example, there are way too many people out there waiting for the holidays to be over before they start. 

Because somebody put it in their minds that nobody is interested right now...

Which is actually a good thing for YOU because your competition is all sitting the month out! 

So now's the PERFECT time to perfect your prospecting and closing skills because you have lots of people to talk to!

(And these skills are something you'll use forever!)

My friend, mentor, and top affiliate Erin Birch doesn't buy into that theory at all. 

In fact, she proves it wrong on a daily basis with her own business... as well as her student's results! 

Luckily she's about to spill the beans on how to connect, prospect, close more retail customers, and recruit more reps than most people do all year long! 

You'll Want to Steal the Tips She Reveals in THIS F.R.E.E. Training! 

I'm going to be there because as successful as I am, I know I can get even better! 

I'd love for you to join me... 

Click HERE to register for the webinar. (If you aren't able to make it live, you'll get a link to the replay.)

Let's master these skills and make 2022 our BEST YEAR YET!


Sassy Sue


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