How To Choose Fresh Produce

Are you tired of taking your produce home and finding that the text or quality is inferior?

I am! 

Years ago I got tired of buying grapes for the kids and having them spoil because they were very bitter... So I began taking one and eating it to determine if I wanted to buy them. (I try to be sneaky but I'm sure my face says "I'm doing something wrong!" haha)

Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this? LOL

Last week I bought a seedless watermelon. When I cut it open a couple of hours later, the middle was all soft, squishy, and definitely unappealing. I thought about driving back to the store to ask for an exchange or refund but I didn't want to spend another 20 minutes driving each way to voice my displeasure.

And I know it's not their fault. They can't see inside the watermelon. The stores I shop at buy from trusted vendors and they expect the produce quality to be good. They stock their produce aisles in good faith...

Yesterday I was browsing on Pinterest and looking for a method  that would help me buy better-quality produce. I found this chart from RealSimple.  (For more ideas, please check them out on Pinterest).

Do you agree with these methods? 

Do you have another tip we could use when choosing our produce? I'd love to know!


Sue Henry - The Sassy Broad


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