My Favorite Passive Income Steam

Let's admit it. When it comes to a passive income stream and/or passive income opportunity, there are good ones, bad ones, and occasionally, you'll find a great one.

That's what I want to share with you here... A great one.

This isn't about stocks, bonds, 401k's, etc...

I'm talking about something that ANYONE can do and earn passive income. 

Multiple income streams make a lot of sense if you are looking for true financial freedom and security. Diversification protects us...

f one income stream dips low or disappears, we still have others to rely on. 

At this point, most of my income derives from affiliate marketing sales. I'm slowly adding to the mix. 

This is one I truly believe you'll want to check out for yourself...

The best way to explain it is to compare it to Costco membership. You pay for an annual membership. In exchange, you are able to shop at Costco and purchase their high-quality products at a lower cost. You pay the membership, whether or not you choose to shop there.


This opportunity is similar. Only instead of just offering the membership for high-quality products are a low price, they pay affiliate commissions on the membership fees. And they pay really well...

The easiest way to explain it is to have you watch the 6-minute video here. And then, if you like what you see and want to invest $50, it's a 2-step process:

          Step 1: Pre-enroll with your name and email on the form

          Step 2: On the following page, add your contact information and pay the initial $40 (one time                              fee) and $10 monthly fee. 

In this company, it truly matters who you sign up under. The team I'm on is filled with builders. And I'm a builder because I want to get to the $16K/month instead of the $2K/month that is for those who are 100% passive...  When you are in a team of builders, your matrix will fill faster and you'll start earning income much quicker.

It truly can be 100% passive. Check it out


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