Before I get too deep into who I am and why I do what I do, I thought I'd give you the "cliff notes" version...

I'm a  cow-milking, tractor-driving, business coach (specialized), semi-retired int'l speaker, author in 5 best-selling books, passionate passive income enthusiast and I LOVE TO TRAVEL. We have 6 grown kids. 6 grands. 1 fat house cat. And about 350 head of organically-certified dairy cattle (various ages) on our organic, grass-only dairy farm in SE Minnesota.

I've enjoyed great successes over the past 30+ years on my entrepreneurial journey. And I've experienced some mistakes that cost me time, money, and confidence. 

But through it all, my positive attitude has remained strong. I'm great at finding the silver lining of any situation. (Yep, that annoys the crap out of some people! LOL)

At the beginning of 2021, I had a few strong "God nudges" that urged me to focus on creating income from my online activities. This included affiliate, residual, and passive income. I didn't know WHY this was so important, but, I did as I was prompted. 

I had no idea what was in store... 

In July of 2021, spoke at an event in Palm Beach and got exposed to Covid: a "hot" nasty Delta strain that reared it's ugly head across the nation that weekend. I didn't know I had it when I got home and promptly shared with my husband. We both got sick. We both ended up in the hospital - me for 10 days, my hubby, Chuck, overnight.

While my husband was in the hospital, they discovered his kidneys were in the beginning stages of shutting down. (Due to enlarged prostate). Fortunately, it was discovered early. The procedure was 100% successful and he's back to being healthy, happy, and kinda funny. (Ladies - make your guy get checked! Seriously!)

I ended up being on oxygen for 6 months. I also had a couple of other COVID-related issues: a heart attack and mild stroke. 

Yep. You guessed it... I couldn't coach, speak, or do my online stuff for several months.

I was sooooooo glad I followed the prompting and spent the first few months of 2021 building affiliate, residual, and passive income streams. It saved my business.

The heart attack wasn't a big deal - no lasting effects - because besides being overweight, I am really healthy. However, the stroke has left a few minor limiting issues... Enough that my days as a speaker are now in the past. And how I  travel has had to change a bit...

Getting sick made us reflect and analyze what we want to do in whatever time we have left. We have made the decision to sell the cows this fall and not milk through another Minnesota winter. Who knows if we'll keep haying and sell the hay or if we'll just decide to rent out the land...  Only time will  tell. 

We are lucky that we have recovered so well and we get a chance to do spend some of our remaining time traveling and having adventures together. 🙂 From road trips around the US to visiting other countries, it all costs money. And energy.

(I have a group of girlfriends who love to travel, too, and we have an absolute ball when we get together!)

This blog is all about "how to travel when you can't travel like you used to"...

From practical tips and strategies I learned from traveling as an int'l speaker...

To travel destinations we've been to or plan on visiting...

To sharing trips my friends have made so you can see it from the perspective of someone who's been there.

In addition, I'll  be sharing some of the affiliate, residual, and passive income opportunities that generate a monthly paycheck. (It's so fun to have money magically show up in your bank account no matter where you are!!!)

How to travel better and spend less... (yep - even on airfare!)

And more.

I'm grateful you are here - I look forward to taking this journey together!


Sue (Sassy Broad)