There are lots of ways we can add more money to our income.

Some require a large investment of money...

Some require a large investment of time...

Some ways are riskier than others...

Some are complicated...

Some are much easier and can generate income that grows over time without having to invest more than 30-60 minutes a week.

Today I'm going to share some information about a company/service that offers both affiliate AND residual income. 

And, if you spend 30-60 minutes a week implementing what they teach, soon you'll be receiving money from them...  

And because of their membership site, you may see residual earnings increase consistently. 🙂

This company is My Lead System Pro - otherwise known as MLSP.

Here are 7 reasons why I love MLSP:

  1. Done for you lead magnets: Go through the list of freebies they've already created, choose which one(s) resonate with you and your tribe, and share the link.
  2. Capture/opt-in pages: MLSP has already created these. When a person clicks on your link for the freebie, they are automatically taken to a highly-converting capture page asking for the person's email so the freebie can be delivered to them.
  3. Email follow-up: Don't want to follow up? Don't want to mess around trying to write emails? No problem! MLSP will follow up for you! (If you DO want to do your own follow-up, there's a way to integrate your email responder so all the leads go there. But I like having MLSP do my follow up).
  4. Upsells/downsells: MLSP offers additional products and services based on the specific topic of the freebie the person signed up for. These offers convert really well without being pushy or salesy. When your people purchase the upsell or downsell, you earn commissions.
  5. Special offers, courses, challenges: MLSP consistently offers new things that bring high value at a low cost. MLSP emails your leads with these offers. When your people buy, you earn commissions.
  6. Membership/training platform: MLSP has incredible trainings available for all of its members. These trainings share content on what's happening in TODAY'S business and social media climate, not something that worked 6 months ago or longer...  I have saved so much money just with this alone because I'm not out buying other courses and trainings. It's a really sweet deal! And I have leads who have joined with my $1 30-day trial link who are still members months later... and I'm making residual income each month they renew. And the income is growing as more and more people click on my link and join. 🙂
  7. Training on how to earn affiliate income: MLSP offers a number of courses and programs on how to master affiliate sales with attraction marketing. My favorite one is the 8-week Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp... It is only $50 and the content blew my mind! Just one more program I promoted that generated more than $1,000 in affiliate income... Gotta love that!

Those are 7 of the ways you can earn more money as an MLSP affiliate...  Especially if you are looking for something that you can do in 30-60 minutes a week. 

Questions? Let me know! I'd love to share more ways that you can add more money to YOUR month!



P.S. Check out my YouTube channel... I'll be sharing 50+ ideas over the next few months on making money online! 


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