7 Tips For Creating Email Campaigns That Convert

If people tell you email is dead, ignore them because they obviously don't know what they are doing.

Email gives you the ability to build a relationship with your tribe that no other written platform does.

There are two main types of email lists:

  • General (content goes out to everyone regardless of what they opted in for)
  • Specialized campaigns or sequences

In this article, we are going to focus specifically on specialized campaigns or sequences

Tip 1:  Keep ALL Content Relevant To The Lead Magnet They Opted In For

They showed you what they wanted to learn more about. So keep your campaign focused on that topic. Add humor, stories, testimonials, facts, case studies, and whatever else is appropriate for your topic and the way your tribe likes to consume content.

Tip 2:  Create Compelling Subject Lines To Increase Open Rates

The subject line in the email needs to be inviting, create curiosity, or tell them exactly what the email topic is. If your subject line sucks, the rest of the email doesn't matter because it won't get read.

The best free tool I've found for determining the "drool-worthiness" of my subject line is  this Headline Analyzer.  It rates your headline on it's intellectual, empathetic, and spiritual level. 

Keep working with your headline until you get it to at least 40%. The higher the rating, the higher your open rate will be. 

Tip 3: Don't use the person's name!

I know this sounds super weird, but trust me on this. A number of people don't put their real name in the opt in box. And sometimes it's not even a first name but random words. 

Say, for instance, I signed up for your list and put "farm wife life" as my first name. Every email would start out with "Hey, farm wife life!"  And if you add the name insert code into the body of the email, this is what will appear.

I get that you want to make your tribe feel special and that you see them. So instead of worrying about the person's first name, maybe come up with a name for your tribe (I call mine Sassies) just skip it. 

Tip 4: Stay focused on the content

It's easy to get bored and stray away from lead magnet that the person signed into your email list with. But fight the boredom! Instead, find ways to share better stories, examples, analogies, testimonials, etc. 

Once the email sequence is complete and you've moved the person into your "general" campaign, you can be more creative on the topics you share about.

Tip 5: Learn how to twist your stories

Our stories can be random and personal within our specific campaign.  This helps the reader get to know more about us, relate to us better, and build a bond.

The key is to "twist" the story to your product, service, or offer, in a way that makes sense. Click HERE for an example of how I used the story about my father-in-law turning down a McDonald's franchise and twisted it into my offer. 

Tip 6:  Every email should have an ask

Every email should have an "ask" but that doesn't mean we are asking them to buy something each time - especially in the beginning! We want to "condition" (Tony Robbins teaches this) our tribe to know that we are going to ask them to take some kind of action. That way, when we do ask the reader to schedule a call with us, purchase a product, etc., they are used to us asking them to do something. It won't put them off and make them feel that we are "pitching" them.

The best place to put your "ask" is as a PS. This is the second most looked at part of your email.

Tip 7:  Have 8-12 emails in your campaign

One of the biggest problems I see novice email marketers make is that their sequence is too short and they transition away from the reason (topic) people opted in for. Plan on it taking at least 5 emails before the person starts to feel comfortable with you, your style, and your expertise. 

Your "ask" for scheduling a call with you shouldn't come before Email 4. And your "ask" for money shouldn't come until Email 6. And then you'll continue your "ask" in different ways throughout the remaining emails in your campaign or sequence.

There you have it - 7 tips for create an email campaign or sequence that converts cold prospects into new clients or customers.

Need help with your emails? Your offer? Your lead magnet? 

I'd love to help! Go HERE to schedule a free 30-minute strategy session. I promise you'll walk away with 3-4 great tips you can implement immediately - even if you choose not to work with me. 

No pressure. No obligation. No pitch-slapping.

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Sassy Sue


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